Excited about the fourth season of Always Sunny but missed some of the episodes from Season 3? Well never fear, a DVD distribution company is here. The Season 3 DVD is coming out September 9th, which gives you exactly 10 days to catch up before the September 18th season premiere. And in honor of the DVD's release, Always Sunny has created not one, but two fun things for you guys to do.

First is a picture contest called Clean Cut to Beer Gut. If your stomach is suffering from the all-beer college diet, this contest is the one for you. Simply submit pictures of you pre- and post- beer gut for a chance to win a trip to LA to meet the Always Sunny cast. Your fatness may finally be worth it.

Second is a fun feature called Subservient Greenman. Anyone who knows Always Sunny knows what the Greenman is, and for the DVD release we sent a Greenman of our own out to reek havoc on Manhattan. Now, you can control which clips to watch over and over again. We suggest 'The Robot' and 'The Worm' followed immediately by 'Day in the Park.'

Hopefully you guys will love these two time-wasters as much as we love 'Day Man.'