Reporter: I'm here with Howard Lewis, who just made the game-winning shot as time expired…

It feels awesome! I can't believe it! Um, the play was meant for Mark, as you saw he took the last shot, but he missed it and luckily I was just in the right place at the right time to get the rebound and put it back in.

Reporter: Ok…

Howard: …Um, yeah, so it feels great. I mean, that's what I came here to do, you know. Prove to everybody that I have what it takes.

Reporter: And you picked Low-Competition Intramural Basketball as your proving ground?

Howard: Well, don't let the name fool you, the competition is pretty fierce. You are allowed two High-Comp players per Low-Comp team, and the two that we went up against tonight actually had walk on try-outs for the Varsity team. I hear they would have made it but the coach only kept bla…they got cut last minute.

Reporter: Do you play High-Comp?

Howard: No…I mean not this semester…I probably will next year. I didn't because I wanted to make sure I could handle it…I mean with my class schedule and stuff, I knew I could handle the competition.

Reporter: Oh yeah?

Howard: Yeah, I did play in high school. Well, I played up until halfway through my senior year, then I quit because I wasn't getting the playing time everybody knew I deserved. The coach was just playing favorites, and I was sick of everybody telling me how much I was getting screwed.

Reporter: So things are going better now?

Howard: Oh yeah. I don't know if you knew this, but I'm averaging about 10, no 10.5 points per game. Plus, we only play ten minute halves. And I really only play about four minutes per half to give the other guys a chance, and so I can catch a blow. That just means a break, haha, athlete talk.

Reporter: Yeah, I know.

Howard: I just didn't want you to think when I said "catch a blow" that I meant something else. No, but when I'm on the court I like to give it my all, so after about four, four and a half, sometimes like two minutes, of pushing it to the max I need to get my air.

Reporter: Of course.

Howard: Yeah, and 10 points per game doesn't really sound like a lot, but again, that's only in 8 minutes, so if you take that and adjust it to like, a 48 minute NBA game, that means I'm scoring 60 points per game.

Reporter: Wow.

Howard: And that's only an average. So that means some games I score more than that. Take that Kobe…Hey I just noticed that you're not writing any of this down, are you recording?

Reporter: Recording for what?

Howard: The interview.

Reporter: What interview?

Howard: The one we're doing now.

Reporter: Howie, it's me Dave…Mark's roommate. He's on your team. I just came to hang out and watch the game. We're going to the bar after.

Howard: Well what was all that "I'm here with Howard Lewis"crap?

Reporter: I was on the phone. I was letting the guys know you were here and we had to get rid of you before we went out.