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Freshman year a couple friends and I pranked our other friend by putting fake blood all over his bed and around his bed and trying to convince him that his roommate's girlfriend had had an explosive period all over his stuff. Joke turned out to be on her and his roommate, though, because his roommate was like,"That couldn't have happened; she's pregnant."
Dave T, OSU

Remember sophomore year, when we lived together and you had that weird habit of taking naked pictures of yourself with your digital camera? Well, you were a total bitch so one night when you got trashed at a frat party, I made sure to conveniently forget I left your camera wedged between some couch cushions. Ever wonder why so many guys seem to recognize you these days? Those pictures got forwarded to all the brothers, pledges, etc. How'd you like your 15 minutes of fame?
Hannah Wilson, UT

One day during my freshman year I wanted to do my laundry downstairs in the dorms. So I lug all my shit down to the laundry room and put my clothes in the washing machine. When they were done I went to use a dryer only to find every one of them being used. All were running except for one that had finished but no one had emptied. I wait around for 30 min waiting for this dick head to clear his shit so i can finish my laundry. He never came so I decided to make him pay for making me wait, and I proceeded to piss all over his nice clean clothes when they were still in the dryer.

Freshman year I had this annoying little piss ant of a roommate. He never went to class and rarely left the room. Turns out he was sitting in the room cranking it to anime porn all day long.This is bad enough by itself, but one day a friend from my floor walked into my room to ask me a question and caught Brett practicing wrist aerobics to you guessed it anime while I was asleep on the bunk. Needless to say this set me over the edge when I heard so I decided to get revenge on this human turd. The next day I typed up a fake hit list and hid it in his desk. I then went to the floor R.A. and ratted on him for having it. He ended up having to go to couseling and eventually dropped out of school. Moral of the story…. don't beat off when your roomate is in the room.
Mojo Risin, University of Illinois

I had a really cool roommate my freshman year who had a really cool and hot girlfriend who went to a school kind of nearby. I started dating a girl from our school midway through the year, and I knew that at the beginning of our freshman year, my roommate and my new girlfriend had made out, even though he had been dating his current girlfriend since high school. For some reason this really bothered me, and I couldnt get over it no matter what. One drunk night, I wrote a stupid facebook message to his girlfriend telling her I wanted to make out with her because her boyfriend had made out with my girlfriend. The next morning I remembered what I did and was so worried she was going to call him out on it, but instead she wrote me back a message inviting me to her dorm to talk about it. She answered the door to her dorm room naked and obviously we had sex. We continued this for most of the spring semester, until she dumped him and told him she cheated on him. She apparently never told him it was me, and he is convinced she was getting it from football players at her school. Me and him are still great friends, and I understand FULLY why he dated her for so long.
Anonymous, Johns Hopkins