Janet: We should go to dinner.
Timothy: I agree.
Janet: We should go to that fancy seafood restaurant.
Timothy: The one with all the fish hanging on the walls?
Janet: Oh, white people…you so crazy!

Charles: Have you seen that show Wipeout?
Jeremy: Yeah, everyone falls over into the water!
Charles: What a ridiculous concept!
Jeremy: You know, white people wrote that show.
Charles: White people also invented the guillotine.
Jeremy: White people, you crazy!

David: This chicken is absolutely scrumptious!
Marcus: Oh, I concur!
David: I hope that, through the consumption of this chicken, we are not fulfilling some ridiculous stereotype.
Marcus: What are you talking about?
David: Didn't you know? White people think black people eat nothing but fried chicken!
Marcus: (through a mouthful of thigh meat) White people, you so f*cking crazy!

Anthony: If I may be so bold as to ask, what are you doing, sir?
White Person: (while juggling three cans of sardines and playing Stairway to Heaven on a kazoo) I'm praying it rains soon so my tomatoes don't revolt!
Anthony: You are an absurd human being.
White Person: Ain't that the truth. (Drops a sardine can, bursts into tears)

Timothy: I can't believe we almost divorced each other!
Janet: Thank goodness we were able to resolve our differences in such a formulaic manner!
(Madea appears out of nowhere)
Janet: Madea, what are you doing here?
Madea: I got on the eBay and bought one of them fancy teleporters them white folks made!
Everyone: Oh white people, you so crazy!