Ego: Hey guys, we haven't had an article on College Humor in a while.

Left Brain: You're right. Ready to type, p-langs?

Fingers: Yes sir!

Ego: Ok, we have to make this good. We need to get a lot of likes.

Left Brain: You're right. We've been slacking in the like department. What can we do to ensure success?


Ego: Of course, but first we need to make sure we get seen.

Left Brain: Yeah, we need to think…what kind of articles do they like.


Left Brain: Yes, but what type of article do they seem to be drawn to…Eureka! Ten Guys You Always See at the Gym.

Right Brain: No!

Left Brain: Not you again.

Ego: You're always holding us back!

Right Brain: Why? Because I'm trying to do things differently? Because I march to the beat of my own drum?

Ego: Because you want to write shit that nobody gets.

Left Brain: Take your creativity crap and get out of here. We're going for mass appeal.

Right Brain: You're so boring. You never take the road less taken.

Left Brain: If everyone took the road less taken then its no longer the road less taken.


Right Brain: Just hear me out, I have an idea that nobdy has seen before.

Ego: And nobody wants to see it! Who cares about your artsy fartsy nonsense.

Left Brain: I got it! A body parts conversation article, fingers prepare!

Fingers: Limbering up, sir!

Right Brain: Oh come on! It's been done a million times!

Ego: Gut check time.


Left Brain: Oh shut up, you fat fuck! What do you know from funny.

Funny Bone: Ouch!

Left Brain: See, the idea holds true, we struck the funny bone.

Funny Bone: No, the big idiot banged me off the desk.

Left Brain: Damn it! Fingers, what is your status?

Fingers: Numb. Can't. Move.

Right Brain: Serves your right. Come back to me when you want to hear my idea about a new twist on Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Cheek: Hey, tongue, do me a favor and get the hell out of me.