I'm a Homestar Runner fanatic.  That's why CollegeHumor's usual nerd correspondent Jeff Rubin allowed me to do this interview with the Mike and Matt Chapman, the voices and animators of Homestar Runner as well as the creators of the new computer and Wiiware game "Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People."  This is the Brothers Chaps first venture outside of the website.  I've played the game, and it's fun, nostalgic, and hilarious.

Are you exhausted?

Matt: Definitely.  This has been way more intensive than we thought it would be.

Matt, you do all the voices for Homestar Runner.  How's your throat holding up?

Matt: Early on, we had to look for herbal remedies.  We figure by the end of this five-episode series we will have recorded as much as we did in eight years of doing the site.  I think you're going to be hearing different voices at the end of the series than the beginning.

From the Tracy Ullman-day to modern-day Simpsons in a few months.

Matt: Exactly.  Voices just naturally evolve as you do them more, and we're packing years of evolution into a short period of time.

When I play an adventure game and click on a stick, I expect the game to respond with "It's a stick."  But you guys have something funny, and then something else funny if you click it again.

Mike: Telltale Games did a first pass because they know how games work, and dialogue trees and so on.  They gave the script to us and we were like, "This is going to fit into 40 megs on Wiiware?"

A lot of games on the site seem like tributes to 80s-era video games, but this seems like a tribute to 90s-era video games.

Matt: Yeah, that's what Telltale games is known for, games like Full Throttle.

Except you have a heavy hint option, so I don't get stuck like in Full Throttle not knowing how to cross the canyon. 

Mike: It's exciting to see that adventure games have a future.  I feel like technology advances so rapidly that games don't really get the chance to live up to their full potential.

So you create retro games, like Peasant's Quest.

Matt: Yeah, maybe that could be a future Telltale game.  Something text-based.

Mike: Except it could be voice-activated.

Are there more Telltale games in the works?

Mike: I think Homestar is the only other character who could carry five episodes. At the beginning, there were some marketing conversations about a Homestar season, but we decided to go with Strong Bad.

In the past, you guys have been reluctant to do anything outside the website.  Why did the game seem like a good idea?

Mike: It was always the type of game we wanted to make, it just wasn't something we could do ourselves.  These licensing things are always tricky.  We don't want to go putting Homestar on a pillowcase oranything.

Are there other expansion plans in the future?  Like a TV show or movie?

Mike:I always say no to a movie.  I don't know how you could expand Homestar Runner into two hours.  Even the game is a stretch.

Matt: I think our characters and stories would fit better in a TV series, something like a Pee Wee's playhouse-type puppet show or a GI-Joe-y Cheat Commandos cartoon.

I name the character, you name their favorite video game.  Strong Bad?

Matt: Strong Bad would be into Leisure Suit Larry 2.  Or whichever one had the black-haired girl in the tub.

Mike: He hasn't played the game, he's just seen the back.


Matt: Microsoft Decathlon.  That was a game where you just mashed keys as fast as you could, and Homestar would love doing that with his head.


Mike: Lemonade Tycoon.


Matt: Homsar would like just hitting the reset and power button on the NES. Or maybe he would be the one person who could beat that impossible negative Mario level.

Or typing the wrong codes into Game Genie and seeing what happens.

Mike: Except somehow without a Game Genie.

StrongBad's Cool Game For Attractive People, Episode Two, releases today on PC and Wiiware.  Learn more at TellTaleGames.com.  You can also see how Strong Bad gets along with the TellTale team in their Behind the Bad video.