The MS Estonia Sinking – On a dark and stormy night, the MS Estonia sunk in the Baltic Sea, taking 852 of the 989 passengers with it. Initially, a failure of the bow visor was blamed. Except the bow visor should have broken off yet was still attached to the boat, Sweden refused to raise the wreck, then made an agreement with six nations to never go near the site again, tried to encase the entire thing in concrete (which is what usually happens…if it were Chernobyl), investigators found evidence of weapons smuggling from Russia and a large explosion, nine crew members went missing and had their hospital records erased and…nevermind. Probably just a giant squid fart.

Tunguska Explosion – If only Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck had been Russian oil drillers 100 years ago, Tunguska would not have suffered this fate.

The Zodiac Killer – Undoubtedly the scariest serial killer of all time. Killed a ton of people, made fun of the police, teased newspapers, and was never caught. Will we ever understand the meaning of his final, encoded message: "BE SURE TO DRINK YOUR OVALTINE OR ILL KILL YOU JK OMG I LOVE THAT MOVIE"?

Prophecy of the Popes - Some guy named St. Malachy predicted who would be the next Pope. All of them. In order. In 1138. Oh, and good news everyone: the next Pope is going to be 'Petrus Romanus' – and he'll mark the end of the world!

Colares UFO Flap – Ugh, Brazilian UFOs are the worst.

June and Jennifer Gibbons
– These two would make for an awkward Double Mint Gum commercial.

Peope Who Have Disappeared
– A nice, simple, creepy list. Hey! D.B. Cooper ended up in Fox River Penitentiary! Everyone knows that.