I propose a new sport.  It's called Huge Tennis. Here are the rules.

Each team has five players – two hitters and three dodgers.  Each player must stay within his designated zone and no player, or the ball, may touch the restricted zone.  The hitters are responsible for hitting the ball back to the other side, as in normal tennis.  The dodgers are responsible for avoiding being hit by the ball.  The court itself is much bigger than a standard tennis court, allowing the hitters to really smash the ball (court specifications subject to change upon testing the gameplay in real life).

Points are awarded as such.

  • If a hitter fails to return a volley, the opposite team is awarded a point.
  • If a dodger is hit by the ball, the opposite team is awarded a point.
  • If the ball hits the restricted zone or lands out of bounds, the opposite team of the last team to touch the ball is awarded a point.
  • If a hitter hits his own dodger or the net, the opposite team is awarded a point.

Service is based on a 'make it, take it' system with the first team to 21 points, by 2 points, winning.

There is it, Huge Tennis.