Ever since being nominated as the Vice Presidential candidate of the Republican Party, a lot of rumors have been swirling about Sarah Palin. Rumors such as Sarah Palin spending her summers off from the University of Idaho working for pesos as a performer in a Tijuana donkey show, stumbling back across the border each night to San Diego only to pass out from tequila in the back seat of her Chevy.

These rumors are true.

Sources close to the donkey show have told me, "Si, SeƱor." And based on the flavor of their rolled tacos, these were sources I could trust for hot delicious breaks… of news.

So what now for this governor of the great state of Alaska? How does the GOP plan to debunk these current allegations? If precedent is any indicator, probably by coming out and admitting that it was actually her 17-year-old daughter Bristol who earned all those donkey show dollars. They really seem to like throwing that poor girl under the bus.

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