Track 1. Tonka Trucks and Hugs (Parents Are Always There)

Track 2. High Expectations: I'm Sorry I Couldn't Deliver (Fired from Domino's)

Track 3. Overdue Rent, Overdue Bills And I Can't Overdo it Myself

Track 4. Payback is a Bitch But I Promise I Will

Track 5. Ostracized from the Community (College) But the Band's Going to Make It

Track 6. Losing the Sibling Rivalry (I Don't Care that Jeff is a Doctor)

TrackĀ 7. Professors Get Paid to Lecture, What's Your Excuse?

Track 8. July 3rd, 1776 (I'm Not Ready for Independence Yet)

Track 9. If This "Please" ain't Pretty Enough, I'll Put a Cherry on Top

Track 10. Thnks fr th Thrty Dllrs