Since we're a few episodes into the fifth season, let's do a quick rundown of what we've seen so far:

- Drama and his Euro-chick are history after he verbally assaulted her voicemail. Now he's all depressed. He doesn't even like strippers any more.

- E has a few more clients, including some redneck writers and a stand-up comedian played by Bow Wow.

- E's writers have a script called "Smoke Jumpers" that Ed Norton is interested in.

- Vince can't get a gig because Medellin sucked so hard.

This week's episode starts with the boys recovering from the previous night's sweet sixteen blowout. E and Vince are heading out to meet with studio heads and Drama is preparing for his appearance on The View.

Drama and Turtle: Drama on The View sounds like it would be the greatest thing ever. Imagine him in top form going on delusional rants to Whoopi Goldberg about a guest spot he had on Seventh Heaven. Unfortunately, he's been upset over his break-up and his antics have suffered because of it. Instead of over-confident Dramaisms, we get him breaking down and apologizing to his Ex on live T.V. He salvages a bit of his old hilarity on the ride home when he drunkenly throws his pants at a cop and gets arrested. Still, I don't think I'm alone here when I say we need the old Drama back.

E and Vince: Amanda calls E and lets him know that Edward Norton is willing to buy the "Smoke Jumpers" script for $300k. Ari convinces E not to sell to Amanda just yet, so that he can convince studio-heads to get Vince in it. Due to the Medellin-stigma (great name for an STD), nobody wants to buy the script with Vince as the star so he settles with a supporting role. It seems all is well when the boys get a $500k offer and secure a spot for Vince — we even get to see a heartwarming E/Ari hip-hop hug, followed by an affectionate ass slap. But it's all in jeopardy when E gets a $2 million offer from Alan Gray at the end of the episode. This isn't good news for Vince, since he and Gray had a falling out over him not doing Aquaman 2.

Seems like this season we're going to be seeing a lot of changes. E's gone all Hollywood with his new clients and fancy suits, Vince could be starring in a movie about Benji going to Alaska, and Drama is too depressed to be delusional. There's gonna be a lot more tension between E and Vince, especially if E sells the script to Gray and can't get Vince a part.

This is completely unrelated to tonight's episode, but I still want to bring it up — how awesome was seeing Ari slap Adam Davies in front of his entire office? Ari's metal riff marches are the best.

My demands for the rest of the season:

- Drama gets un-depressed (pressed, if you will).

- Ari continues to slap people.