That's right boys, girls and members of the LGBT club, Slingbox is sponsoring CollegeHumor's Live Comedy Tour, which means we're back on schedule and ready to blow you away harder and stronger than ever!

Our awesome host, Dan Levy, helped kick it off last week at Fordham University where we had Aziz Ansari (Human Giant), John Mulaney (SNL, Conan), and our very own Streeter and Jeff. We're starting off up east and heading around the country, so if you want us to stop by your school, go over to the CH Live page and check the bottom for booking information.

Where we're headed next:
  • 10/08/08 – Muncie, IN – Ball State University
  • 10/10/08 – South Bend, IN – Notre Dame
  • 11/12/08 – Laramie, WY – University of Wyoming
  • 11/14/08 – Seattle, WA – University of Washington
  • 11/21/08 – Rochester, MI – Oakland University

This is perfect for you if you're:

  1. Looking for a way to take a girl to a actual event besides the Dining Hall.
  2. Planning on hanging out with your friends anyway but are so sick of one of them always talking about "Bio labs" and blah, blah, blah shut the f*ck up I honestly don't want to hear it anymore dude, seriously.
  3. A live human being.
So if you're around the area, secure a ticket by going to wherever your school sells tickets and come check out not only these comedians but Reggie Watts, Nikki Glaser, Colin Quinn, and more. And if you can't make the actual shows, check the CH Live page often for behind-the-scenes videos and live sets.

Seats are limited and any audience member has the chance to win lots of prizes, including a Slingbox, based solely on your knowledge of Shameful Trivia. So what're you waiting for?