Websites are great. There's no arguing that. Hard to complain about them. Or is it? It seems that any website that lets you make comments means people will comment about the website they are frequenting. Let's look at some examples, and also examine the beautiful irony that some of these users exhibit on a daily, sometimes minute-ly basis.


Typical Comment: Man that chick isn't hot at all. Her boobs are sooo fake, I only like them natural tig-ol-bitties. And you see that Cute College Girl? Not cute at all, she looks like a dude, I'd have to be trashed to tap that shit, jesus there aren't enough tits on this website COME ON!

Ironic Comment: Another pic of a girl? I thought this was supposed to be collegeHUMOR. Bring me groin hits!


Typical Comment: Typical Right-wing bullshit. Obama and Biden will show us the TRUTH! McOld and Pales-in-Comparison will bring this world to the apocalypse! So stupid, God-fearing idiots, all they do is try to silence everyone who doesn't agree. Digg this story up to show how it is the truth! Steve Jobs is GOD!

Ironic Comment: Fuck Fox News and it's Right-Wing agenda, only showing articles that are Pro-Palin, they should shut the fuck up! And how DARE they say atheists are idiots, no one should ever be criticized for their BELIEFS! Steve Jobs is GOD!


Typical Comment: I can't believe you asked her out on Facebook! Who would ever try and find love on FACEBOOK? LOLZ!!



Typical Comment: Facebook is soooo lame! Myspace is where all my real friends are anyway, and it's totally safer than Facebook now.

Ironic Comment: Tila Tequila has accepted your friend request!!! Also you have an STD

Typical Comment: That video of a cat getting hit by a car was fucked up man!! How can you show that shit? You're awful, I hope YOU get hit by a car and your loved ones die you perverted fuck!!

Ironic Comment: Dude, why haven't you updated? It's W.O.W!!

Typical Comment: Will Ferrell is fucking gay, anything he does is super fucking lame and gay in my ass.

Ironic Comment: I love!!

Typical Comment: Wikipedia is the most helpful tool in finding facts on the internet.

Ironic Comment: (!) This article or section may contain original research or unverified claims.