There are a multitude of things that irritate me. (As a rule of thumb, just about everything.) However, in the name of clarity I've decided to comprise a list of many of my pet peeves. They are as follows:

- I hate pretentious misspellings of things. This applies to words and names alike. Words like"kewl" and names like "Ashlee". Just spell things correctly. I know you want to be unique but it's stupid.

- I hate poor grammar. If you're just not good at spelling but you at least make an effort then this does not apply to you. If you're one of those who just doesn't care about punctuation, capitalization, or sentence structure then this very much applies to you. There is a difference between the words "your" and "you're". There is also a difference between "to" and "too". They are not interchangeable as so many of you assume.

- I hate when people use words like prolly, lol, and boi when texting or writing an email.  Those aren't words.  Any person who uses them is an idiot.  You may be someone who does and you're PROBABLY (See how it's spelled?) thinking, "It's not stupid to use words like that!"  Well you and all the other 12-14 year olds out there can go to hell.  Adults use grammar.

- I hate smacking. There are few things more disgusting than sitting within earshot of someone who sounds like a damn cow. Close your mouth or eat outside.

- I hate emo… a lot.

- I hate girls who use their period as an excuse to be a bitch. I'm sorry your hormones are screwed up right now, but you did eat the apple first. Consider this penance.

- I hate Mike Shinoda.

- I hate it when guys where two belts at the same time; it looks really stupid. The only time it's okay is if your name is John Wayne or if you're a cowboy. Even then, we're not in 1865 any more so it's probably safe to leave the peacemaker in the truck.

- I hate guinea pigs.

- I hate cordial cherries. They'd be okay if they didn't have that cum-like liquid inside them.

- I hate when guys piss on the seat and don't clean it up. ( I say guys because I assume most women are able to avoid this.) My little brothers used to do this a lot… when they were five.

- I hate fanaticism of any sort. I don't care if you're crazy about Auburn, Jesus, your girlfriend, or Satan. Nothing good has ever come from narrow-minded unwillingness to listen to any other person's point of view.

- I hate inconsideration. I hate when someone tells you they'll call you and don't. I hate when you're supposed to meet someone at a certain time and they're thirty minutes late. Fuck you. You're not so special that I should have to sit around and wait for you because you're so selfish. Being late consistently is a good way of telling the person waiting that your time is more important than theirs. Fuck you.

- I hate when businesses leave the neon "OPEN" sign on after hours.

- I hate guys who ride crotch rocket motorcycles.  I'd actually be fine with them if they didn't:

      1. Travel in groups of 20

      2. Spend hours revving the engines before they go anywhere

Guys who rev their engine incessantly are fags.  Period.  There's no point other than to announce to the world how much of a douche you are.

- I hate when people try to quote something and totally fuck it up.

And finally

- I hate the kids I have to listen to when playing Halo.  Kids are about the only thing I don't like about the game.  They try to talk shit but they're too retarded to wipe their own asses, they talk non-stop, and they're usually way better than I am and that pisses me off.