Last night's episode was bizarre. Ari's little "I TOLD MY WIFE I WAS STAYING IN BUT I'M NOT OMIGOD SHE'S ON HER WAY HOME AND IS GONNA FIND ME OUT" storyline was like something out of a bad movie. Tom convincing Lloyd to have a party there while he was gone made it even more-so. But, hey, at least we got to learn what gay people do at parties — play Wheel of Fortune and skinny dip.

The fish-out-of-water plot didn't really do anything for the main story, but it was worth a few laughs. It takes place in the desert, where the crew (including Ari and ER) have decided to visit the Joshua Tree, hoping they'll get a sign as to whether or not Vince should do Benji; all while high on mushrooms.

Entourage typically does drug-humor really well. Most shows/movies like to do POV "Guy On Drugs" where he thinks he's flying and sees everyone with 3 heads. It's overdone and exaggerated. But the good people at HBO bring us an accurate depiction of what high people actually do — sit around mumbling about stupid shit while trying to sound deep. Vince, Turtle, and Drama pretty much just babble back and forth the whole time about what possible "signs" they saw while E — who was too high to talk — made note of it.

Corny as it was, I couldn't help but laugh at Ari's predicament. He spent the better part of the episode lost and alone after venturing out for better cell phone reception. He has to call Lloyd to help navigate and calm his nerves, since he's tripping balls at this point. Meanwhile we've got a wacky storyline where he's trying to keep his wife away from home, where Lloyd is hosting Gayapalooza. And guess what? He gets caught!

Eventually Ari finds the rest of the guys while they're yelling for Turtle's runaway dog. Vince decides that finding Ari/Arnold is a sign that he should do Benji, but changes his mind after seeing his own face on a firefighter on the way home. Sounds weird? It was.

Some pretty awesome quotes from Ari:

- "I will seal up your asshole with cement." – To Lloyd
- "I HATE magic and I HATE magicians." – Possibly the least fun sentence ever uttered

And, of course, Drama:

- "I thought I pulled my cock off!"

Other highlights:

- Drama making E a peanut butter and shroom sandwich
- Lloyd speaking as Confucius to appease a belligerent Ari
- Drive-by boobies