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Textermination – Terminating your relations with a chick via text message.

When you cut things off with a girl via SMS you can pretty much make up whatever excuse you want, phrase it in the most convincing manner, and there's no chance you'll exerience the age-old "hump or dump" dilemma that occurs when you intend to break things off with a girl but she shows up to the restaurant wearing her "break-up makeup" and her hottest ho couture.

When texterminating a girl, make sure your break-up messages don't go over fifteen words, or certain phones will break them up into two text messages and you'll be charged an extra five cents,

Standard texterminations:

  • Luv U but not IN luv w U
  • I thot I wuz red-E to date again but after my last gf Im not sur I can trust any1 enuff 2 B in a rel8ionship, That kool?
  • I lyk u a lot but u r not wut im looking 4
  • Lez B frends? ;)
  • Sorry but I found sum1 Ls
  • Do U hav ur frend Jens #?

Excerpted from Brocabulary: the New Manifesto of Dude Talk by Daniel Maurer Copyright