When I think about manliness I think about power tools and Paul Bunyan. The last thing I would think about would be getting in touch with my feelings or the next sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Men don't cry; it's an optical illusion that we put on for women. However, there are a few particular instances when it is appropriate for something to be caught in your eye. When you have a girl over, I would recommend any of these films because it will highlight your "emotional side" while not losing any of your street credibility.

Rudy —
Who wouldn't want to be carried on the shoulders of your teammates and have a whole stadium chanting your name? Seriously, that would be most awesome thing since freshman girls with low self-esteem. This is the classic story of persistence and determination. Rudy had about as much talent as Kevin yet he stuck with it and 30 years later they made a movie about him. If they made a movie about my college life, it would be so awesome it wouldn't stick to the film.

Forest Gump —
Women might think there are a lot of emotion moments in this movie, however, I will zero in on a particular one. When Forrest's mother says goodbye to him and then dies. Even Mr. T loves his mother, and he would pity the fool who didn't. You don't have to be a mamma's boy to appreciate that connection. Runner-up: When dies; every man wants the opportunity to save another man's life. It's the ultimate rite of passage. Forrest saves his entire squad but failed to save the person he intended on saving. It's almost poetic.

Braveheart —
"They can take our lives, but they can never take our freedom!" After seeing that movie who didn't want to put on a kilt and punch an Englishman in the face. Everyman wants the opportunity to fight for something he believes in. He was an ass-kicking Gandhi in a kilt.

Old Yeller —
You might not be able to remember the names of your children but you will remember the name of every dog you ever had. Everyman at some point in their life has to have that ever faithful dog. Ron Burgundy had Baxter, Turner had Hooch, etc. Thankfully, these days not to many people have to "come of age" shooting their dog. High school was painful enough.

Saving Private Ryan —
This movie is a macho piece of film for about two and a half hours. The opening scene with the storm on is amazing. Right at the end when Tom Hanks' character tells Matt to make it count. Imagine having to live with that? I would rather run backwards in a cornfield… or worse… pledge Beta.