College is the time to break away from your parents and develop habits that they would definitely be less than happy about. One of those habits that is all too common on the college campuses is sports betting. At the risk of my personal safety (and your wallet), I don't want to give too many tips or thoughts on how to bet or who to bet on in the coming months but I can warn the gentlemen about one thing: The Vag Factor. 
We've all been in that contest or sports pool, the one with ten guys and one girl and somehow, by some divine act or incredible stroke of luck, the girl ends up winning it all. But HOW?! This question has frustrated men as long as there have been bookies.

The term "Vag Factor" was coined years ago by sports-scientists and probability experts operating out of the basement at a university that cannot be named here. The Vag Factor is a law that states when there is a single female that knows little to nothing about sports, in a betting pool consisting of medium to large sums of money, the probability that the female will win is exponentially higher than the probability that any single male will win.

The reason that the Vag Factor works is fairly simple. As men, we have long been fascinated by competition and sport. In keeping with that, we have followed various teams through the good and the bad and thus have developed biases such as "The Lions suck!" or  "The Cubs are the greatest team in the world, no one can beat them." This leads to skewed betting and bias on the men's end, giving the woman a distinct advantage.

Many women follow sports by the Jessica Simpson method: the team with the prettiest colors will undoubtedly win. Women will flip coins or blindly pick winners with absolutely nothing between their brains and their betting decision.  This is the crucial piece of The Vag Factor that leads the woman to win the contest, take all of the money and gloat while simultaneously mispronouncing the name of the winning team.

So gentlemen, the betting advice I can give you is this: 1) Avoid betting situations in which there is one women participating (especially March Madness and Super Bowl pools) and 2) Seek out sports that you know absolutely nothing about (eg. Cricket, Jai Alai, Curling, etc.); bet on those sports. The betting experience entail far less stress and you will be effectively using the dreaded Vag Factor in your favor.