Last Week On Heroes: Peter went to the future and got Sylar's hunger for power-brains, FutureSylar was a nice fella until Sylar Jr. died and he exploded, Tracy and Nathan started their path towards love and the White House, FutureClaire was evil, Mohinder got gooey, Hiro and Ando dug up Adam Monroe, and Matt started following a turtle.

This Week On Heroes: MohinderRoach trades off narrating duties to Nathan, who tries as blatantly as possible to describe this season's theme (AM I A HERO OR A VILLAIN?!). Nathan is still talking to Linderman the Friendly Ghost, as is Daphne. Daphne is instructed by Linderman to gather a team of villains for villainous purposes. She teams up with Knox and they manage to kidnap Adam Monroe, who has escaped from Hiro during a scuffle at a "superpowered Japanese cantina." She next targets Hiro and Ando, who declare that they are "badasses" now to get in with the villains. Just to make sure, Daphne tells Hiro to kill Ando, because he is worthless (until he gets his pink lightning power, at least). Hiro obliges, and stabs Ando through the chest. But…he has a plan right? He's going to get some Adam Monroe blood or something, right? Not so much.

Peter, meanwhile, is prettttttttty pissed at Mama Petrelli (who, admittedly, is the worst mother of all-time). He tries to take a gander inside her brain until Sylar stops him and Mama puts him in a coma. Mama brings Nathan and Tracy to talk about powers 'n such. Turns out Dr. Zimmerman gave Nathan powers as well, which explains why he got the suckiest Petrelli-power. On the other side of the power-injecting coin, MohinderRoach has begun kidnapping people and webbing them up in his insanely creepy MohinderNest, such as a drug dealer, his neighbor, and Maya (I don't care what Nathan believes now: there definitely IS a god).

In less interesting news, Claire has run off (again) and is tracking down another villain: a guy who creates black holes. Because of his DNA. He creates BLACK HOLES. …fine, Heroes, whatever you say. Fire Mama goes searching for Claire before she gets herself killed. She's right to worry, because Claire goes after the man who can CREATE BLACK HOLES with a taser. Turns out he's a nice guy who made one little guy disappear and The Company locked him away. He just wants to see his family! But Sylar and Noah burst in and try to kill him, when he creates a black hole as a distraction. Sylar, starting to look a little more evil than usual, saves Claire. He must truly hate the audience.

They're able to track down Black Hole, and Noah offers not to shoot him if he'll make Sylar disappear. Sylar is a few yards away and doesn't hear any of this going on (despite his Super-Hearing). Black Hole won't let Noah turn him into a killer, so he black holes himself. Noah, Sylar, and Claire have an awkward ride home, with Claire not too happy with Noah's evilness and Sylar not too happy with his partner's betrayal. For some reason, Sylar does not kill Noah right there. Meanwhile, Fire Mama is being controlled by a villain who will probably be called The Puppet Master.

Wondering where Ghost-Linderman is coming from? Maury Parkman has woken up, apparently, and is manipulating people with visions at the behest of…Papa Petrelli. DUN DUNNN DUNNNNN!!! (who looks nothing like he did in The Company's Christmas card photo)

Badass Moments:

-The MohinderNest! I actually enjoy Mohinder scenes now. Insane.

-Maury Parkman wants his son on the team. Awwww.

-Hiro really stabbed Ando! Is anyone else wondering if FutureAndo is the good guy and FutureHiro is the villain?

-"Blink, Hiro, Blink!"

Bad, Ass Moments:

-Peter wanting to get into his mom's brain? Weird and Freudian.

-Claire's decision to track down a villain with an insane power with a taser.

NEXT WEEK ON HEROES: The Puppet Master plays around with Claire! Papa Petrelli is up to no good! Christian Slater attempts to do a Jason Bourne impression! Oh wait…