The entertainment business is insane. Where else can you go to the funeral of a man whose death you're responsible for, act like an asshole and get offered your dream job? If I were Alan's boss, I might have some reservation about hiring my friend's arch enemy while standing a few feet away from his corpse. He must have admired Ari's tenacity. Maybe later I'll print out some resumes and wander around the cemetery.

Seeing E reverted to middle school awkwardness was awesome. He's been pretty Ari-esque lately, and it was nice to watch somebody mess with him. Rayna had him wrapped around her finger — just when you thought she was taking him back to her room for some super-hot-foreign-model sex, she shows him footage of a slasher movie she acted in. Apparently she needs a manager. Hopefully for E, it'll be with benefits. And considering she was lunging for his crotch by the end of the episode, it's a distinct possibility.

Turtle's drawing of the two having sex was the highlight of the episode. It looked something like this:

I think there was an oversized penis somewhere in there, but you get the point. Between his artistic prowess and Drama-bashing, Turtle had his funniest episode in a while.

For being a movie star, Vince is really bad at doing things for money. Any time he's offered some little job to make ends meet, he screws it up. This time wasn't entirely his fault, but he would have been fine had he not inquired about Natasha's termination. He could have just gone to Italy with the replacement model, taken a few pictures and made a million dollars. Instead, he interrogated his boss until he admitted being attracted to Vince. It's cool though, he's not gay. He's just "a straight man who loves to suck cock."

Ari and Vince's speech at the airport was pretty awkward. Ari admits to Vince that he got an offer to be a studio-head, to which Vince has mixed reactions. Couple this with the soothing sounds of Radiohead and you've got the makings of an awkward break-up speech. I half expected Ari to run after the plane and tell Vince he wasn't taking the job.

Episode Highlights:

-Ari arguing with Alan Gray's dead body asking why he still doesn't like him
-Drama being denied by every model
-Ari capitalizing on an awesome Dana Gordon "that's what she said" moment: "I want to be under you."
-"Am I not the one on a network fucking T.V. show?" – Drama