The Live show is well under way and we're more pumped than ever! First we destroyed Fordhman, literally leaving it in a pile of smoldering ruins. Then Ball State got a taste of the action with up and coming comics Tyler Spindel, Na'im Lynn and Nick Thume. When will the pandemonium end? Nobody knows. But actually, 11/21 in Oakland. You can keep up to date with what's going on by checking out clips from our Live Tour page.

The midsemester lull is well under way, actually a little too far into it to be honest. You haven't even bought textbooks yet and you have a midterm tomorrow. Is it too late to get a refund for the semester? More importantly what are you dressing up as for Halloween and where can you kick back, relax and enjoy the Live Show?

Whose futon we're crashing on next:

  • 10/31 – University of Miami
  • 11/12 – University of Wyoming
  • 11/14 – University of Washington
  • 11/21 – Oakland University