You guys, it's finally happening. The news you've been waiting for since last week when we told you Ace of Base would be releasing a new album. Guns 'N' Roses is ALSO releasing a new album. Don't these things always happen in threes?  Fingers crossed for Blues Traveler. (WWTDD)

The election is drawing near and it looks like Obama will be taking the black vote. But don't worry. McCain has definitely got the annoying-characters-from-TV-shows vote. (DListed, Hollywood Tuna)

Katy Perry performed a "super sexy" stunt this week, which involved falling into a giant cake and then not being able to get up. In related news, Life Alert sales have sky-rocketed. (IDLYITW)

This week, Guy Ritchie was spotted around town with a cute, British, red-headed actress. Apparenly this time Guy decided to go for someone with an actual British accent, instead of a Michigan-born pop star who inexplicably spoke with one. (Celebslam)

This week, pictures were taken of Miley Cyrus seductively licking her lips at her 20 year-old boyfriend during one of his shows. It's not what you think, though – this is just their secret code.  Lip-licking means "Let's go to church later." (WWTDD)

This week we were treated to some pictures of Dakota Fanning cheering for her high school. Which makes it official – Dakota can make even a cheerleading outfit look completely unappealing. (WWTDD)

Raven Symone posted a rant on her MySpace page this week, telling people to stop making fun of her funky eyebrows. Trust me Olivia, in that dress, your eyebrows are the last things we're looking at. (DListed)

Breaking, super important news – Beyonce would from now on like to be known as 'Sasha Fierce'. Apparently the one-word 'Beyonce' isn't a diva-ish enough name. (IDLYITW)

And this week's Still-Got-It goes out to Tara Reid. Someone definitely just tossed water on this Wicked Witch's ass, because it's totally melting.  Still got it, Tara! (Hollywood Tuna)

Thanks to Susanna for the help/jokes!