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I had a neighbor in the dorms who lived across the hall from me was real anal about everything. He was also a theater major and would rehearse all night and come home completely exhausted. I would sneak in through his unlocked window and move all of his furniture against his door and unscrew the light bulbs in his room. Since the doors opened outward he would open his door only to realize that I had to pull all of his furniture against the door. He would then throw a fit and have to move all the furniture out into the hallway piece by piece and then move it all back in just like he was moving in for the first time. He never figured out how I got into his room…

Shawn, St. Edwards University

My roommate is convinced he wets the bed every time he's wasted, but I really pee on him every time he's wasted.
Beau Dareell, Sewanee

So I had this RA that was a complete D-bag. He would blackmail anyone on our floor if we had alcohol, any type of smoking, or if we had parties. Yet he would drink openly, or have parties without any consequences. On top of it he would cock-block us if there was a girl we were trying to get with, by using his "authority" to make the girls ditch us for him. There was a general consensus on the floor to get back at him. Our plan consisted of "catching him in the act." So I decided to pull out my camera, and when he had a party in his room we could finally catch the asshole in action. So he had his party, and his suitemates let us go in through the bathroom. I quick snapped some photos of him with a beer in his hand, a few girls from the floor drinking with him, and another RA from a different floor. He was too drunk to realize what had just happened so I made sure to take more photo's, and to my delight he didn't care at all. I then went back to my room and put all the photos on my computer, e-mailed them to him from an anonymous e-mail address saying if he ever fucked with our floor again he would lose his RA job. (I am sure that would look horrible on a resume) Fuck you Kevin, learn to not be a cock-block.
Patrick, Michigan State University

Don't know where your absentee ballot went? I filled it out and mailed it for you. You just voted for Sarah Palin.
Brendan M, School Not Given

I lived in a house with five other guys, three of which were friends and two of which were friends of friends. We all got along great, no problems what so ever, the only thing was someone kept stealing my pot. I don't smoke very much ($50 a month if that), so it kind of made me mad because the amount that was being taken was noticeable (all of it!). After confronting everyone, no one stepped up to admit they were doing it. So… I decided to do the most logical thing: I got a small plastic baggie, went to the backyard and scooped up about 20 mushrooms (not the good kind, the poison kind) and put them in my dresser next to the pot. I never told anyone I did this, but I may of had a loud phone conversation with someone saying that I had some. About two weeks go by and I have already forgotten about what I did, until one night I come home from work and my one roommate, Steve, comes running up to me in a panic. "Dude, I think Matt is really sick, Tom took him to the hospital," said Steve. "He said he did mushrooms and he was having a bad trip or something." I ran upstairs, and low and behold, my "shrooms" are gone- all of them. Matt was in the hospital for two weeks and almost died. He threw up so much that they had to put an i.v. in him to keep his fluids up and he couldn't eat solid foods for nearly a month. His diagnosis: extreme food poisoning. I didn't really feel bad though, considering I never said they were "Magic Mushrooms" and they were mine in the first place. Boosh!
Mikey K, Niagara University

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