I'll give you a good reason. Because guess what kids…..everyone is going as the Joker for Halloween. That's right! From jocks to emo kids, everyone and their mom is trembling with anticipation at the thought of dressing up as a post Health Ledger wannabe.

It's gotten to the point where I'm almost considering dressing up as the dark knight himself to simply kick these people's asses. I'm sick of hearing, "Oh my god I have the best costume and everyone is going to think I look so badass. I'm going as the Joker! I know I spent a lot of money on the costume, but it was sooo worth it." Guess what dipshit, so is everyone else, but you're the dumbass who spent over $200 for a f*cking purple suit….A f*cking purple suit! Then, when you finally go to a party and realize that there are 3 other people there also dressed in the same freakin costume you're in, you'll probably eventually just throw it away when you realize you look more like Prince than the actual Joker.

Now don't get me wrong, the Joker is probably the most badass badass to ever grace the big screen with his presence, but seriously, is it just me or do angst ridden teens simply love this clown. Please people, be something cool for Halloween. Not a freakin white faced clown in a purple suit.