Happy Halloween, CollegeHumorians!  As you know, we'll be posting a ton of costume pics over the next few days and the best of those will make it into our Costume Party where you can vote on your favorites.  We're really blowing out Halloween this year, thanks to FUTURAMA's Brand New Movie "BENDER'S GAME," Coming on DVD and BLU-RAY November 4th.

But Street, you ask, why should I submit my costume to CollegeHumor?  Money, fool!  That's why.  We're giving away $500 to the winner of the costume party and another $500 to the best-ranked Futurama-inspired costume.  The Futurama costume winner, as well as the runner up, will also win animated DVD box sets from Fox Home Entertainment, which include FAMILY GUY Volume 6, BENDER'S GAME and THE SIMPSONS Season 11.

So go out, get stupid, take a picture and upload it to CH here.  Then go vote in our costume party.  Good luck.