So I've been writing down quotes randomly that my professors have said and things I've overheard foreigners say while being here in Scotland. Here are a few good ones that I believe I need to share with… atleast a couple hundred people? maybe…? I don't know. Just laugh a little with me here.

1. The first week of classes I'm doing laundry in the laundry room and this random freshman says to me, "Do you put the clothes right into the dryer after the wash?" I nodded my head and walked out the door. (No you hang them outside first numnuts!)

2. While in Management class the professor is speaking about parts of a golf club and the rubber grip, Professor- "Basically all the plastic company is doing here is putting a little bit of rubber over a hard shaft…" In america we like to say "THATS WHAT SHE SAID"

3. At lunch with our Scottish friend, "So what is that ping pong game you play over in the states?" girl- "Oh you mean beer pong! you shoot the pong ball into the solo cups and if you win the other team has to drink all the beer!" Scotsman- "So the winng team makes the losing team drink all the winning teams beer?? Why would you ever want to win?"    I actually see his point there…

4. Professor – "Do you all know what the leading fizzy drink is in scotland"    If I knew that he meant Soda I could have told him. (or pop for all you crazy kids) IRN-BRU is the #1 drink here over Coke and Pepsi believe it or not

5. Girl from Germany talking about her class, "It's just a little too long and too hard for my liking" me- "thats what she said" her- "oh you know a friend in that class as well?" me- "no…just nevermind, you wouldn't understand."

Cheers= Thanks
Pissed= Drunk
fancy or keen on= like someone

jumper= sweater

chips= french fries

crisps= chips

pudding= dessert

quid= money (like "bucks" instead of dollar)

plaster= band-aid
to pull= to kiss
que= line
inverted commas= quotes "  "

I'll throw in some more good quotes when I write next weeks article. I figured 5 would be enough for now…

Cheers from St Andrews Scotland,

-Theo Hall

ps. after all the argument from last weeks article (American girls vs the world) I have changed my theory on the best looking girls. It's still American girls and heres why, they have the best looking teeth. Thank god for dentists and braces. Remember that I mean after all is said and done, the tie breaker goes to US girls because I'm not about to go fight off a snaggle tooth chick from over here…