So I'm wondering how Tina Fey feels now, knowing that she only has at most one more week left on Saturday Night Live. I'm going to admit I was upset seeing the results come in and having my rifle-toting, straight-talkin, maverick of a woman see her hopes and dreams of the last few months snatched up by Oprah Winfrey and P'Diddy. Maybe SNL will feature a skit on those two… Oprah made a few classic comments after "President Elect Obama" gave his acceptance speech in the early hours of the morning. If you did not get the chance to see it, Oprah was extremely excited to have the television cameras in her face as she cried tears of joy and made the reference that now she's going to have to have him (Obama) on the Oprah Show. I sure hope Kenan Thompson gets to play her…

And how about P'Diddy's declaration on MTV today? "We did it, we did it." Congratulations mr. Puffy Diddy Daddy, you single-handedly won the Presidential election. Your video blogs and crazy outlandish comments have helped cement November 4th 2008 (a.k.a. my 21st birthday woot woot) in history. 

Jesse Jackson made an appearance last night as well at Obama's camp. I can only Imagine that conversation… "Ok, now that you're going to be President, you have showed the world that we black Americans can do anything. Now if you wouldn't mind reminding the rest of the U.S. that we still need Affirmative Action and that black Americans are still not treated fairly, that would be great. Otherwise I'll be out of a job. Oh and say hi to Oprah for me…"

Now for the McCain camp, I am excited for Grandma McCain because she can finally rest after campaigning with her son everywhere he went. She must have been so proud, but also so tired of the same thing day in and day out. She probably had fun shopping though with Sarah Palin… I earlier mentioned how upset Tina Fey must have felt to know her role on SNL was gone. Probably as bad as Joe Biden felt knowing his SNL counterpart is horrible in comparison to everyone else's.

The beginning of last year I was upset to learn that President Bush could not run for a third glorious term and another 4 years of "Bushisms". What I do now know though, is that Barack Obama parody T-shirts are going to be selling like hot cakes.

On a serious note: Although I poke fun at these elections, I really am proud of our two Candidates and although I was for Mr. McCain, I want to say congrats to Mr. Obama and let him know that he has my support as our President.

Now where can I get one of those "Barack and Roll '08" shirts?