It's weird when actors play themselves on T.V. You can't always tell when the character ends and the real person begins. Seth Green did a real good job of acting like a prick last night, and it was tough not to get pissed at Seth Green the actor. But Seth Green the actor is probably a nice guy; it's just Seth Green the character that's a total asshole. Unless of course, Seth Green the character is an accurate representation of the actor, in which case Seth Green really is an asshole. So just in case – f*ck you, Seth Green.

I thought I'd missed an episode somewhere along the line when Charlie was humping the bejesus out of that chick while talking to E on the phone. Last I saw, he was a struggling comedian working retail and I'm pretty sure those dudes don't get laid. But maybe she just had good foresight, because Charlie ends up getting his pilot greenlighted. The only problem is that the studio wants to cast Seth Green, who's still pissed at E for sucker-punching him.

E, ever the consummate professional, decides that he's going to put personal feelings aside and recruit Green for the show. Green's not making it easy though, he's stringing E along on a series of meetings that he's not showing up to. He also refuses to do the pilot unless he gets a call from Sloan. In a decision that was awkward for E but awesome for anyone else with a penis, he visits Sloan to ask for her help. Despite Sloan apparently calling him, Seth Green still ends up being a dick and gets punched by Charlie for his troubles.

Meanwhile Ari's trying to convince Barbara that Andrew Klein has got what it takes to work for their company. Babs thinks Klein is washed up and won't be able to pull in any real clients. Klein proves her wrong with an impressive interview session, featuring a panic attack and him breathing into a paper bag like a stressed out cartoon character. Ari's able to get Klein hired anyway, after threatening Barbara that he'd split the company down the middle.

Vince is in pretty much the same boat as last week – his lines are getting cut and he's losing his character. But to make matters worse, the director criticizes Vince's acting and clues him in on a few problems he never knew he had. Now Vince is all self-conscious and walking around with cans on his head to make sure he doesn't tilt.

Other episode highlights:

-Turtle beating Drama at Wii Tennis

-Lloyd being overly excited about giving Andrew Klein amakeover

-"I can only handle Barbara's cock." – Ari

-Ari skipping like a schoolgirl after insulting Barbara

-Sloan being eye-meltingly hot.