Lots of comedies these days are trying to bank off a classic formula; the "comedy duo".  We all know the comedy duo " 2 friends (or sometimes enemies) on the screen together bouncing off one another in that perfect rhythm.  Naturally a lot of times this has the tendency to fail miserably coughWhat Happens in Vegas, but the good news is when it works? It pays off in spades and creates some really memorable stories " Rush Hour, Pineapple Express, Lethal Weapon, Harold & Kumar, Cheech and Chong, etc.  Hell, even the Mac & PC guys make for halfway decent commercials at the very least.  In this respect I have to say, Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd make a really unexpectedly great team, so much to the point that it makes me think, "Why the hell wasn't this done earlier?"

Even though the premise of the movie isn't new at all, the performances of Scott and Rudd are seriously good enough to make this movie really damn funny in the long run.  The actors themselves have different styles to their humor, but it blends together insanely well.  Scott's crude and raunchy performance is the perfect balance to Rudd's dry wit.  It's kind of like Gin and Juice…and…the black kid is indo? Their life is the street?  Eh f*ck it. 

Rudd and Scott star as Danny and Wheeler, two representatives for an energy drink company who bounce around town all day and give speeches to High School kids telling them their product is a safe and fun alternative to doing drugs.  While Wheeler the womanizer loves his job to death, Danny is a miserable bastard who can't stand the fact that he's wasted 10 years of his life doing the same thing over and over.  Eventually Danny reaches the breaking point after having the worst day of his life (If you were dating Elizabeth Banks and she dumped you, you'd be pretty pissed too) the two get into a little mishap involving vandalizing school property/assaulting an officer/disturbing the peace with their minotaur energy drink truck.  The result is: either 30 days of federal pound-me-in-the-*ss prison, or 150 hours of community service at a big-brother type organization, "Sturdy Wings".    

Choosing the natural choice of not wanting to get raped, Danny and Wheeler head to Sturdy Wings where Danny is paired with Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Superbad), a socially awkward nerd who's only vice is Live-Action-Role-Playing, and Wheeler gets Ronnie (Bobb'e J. Thompson, kid actor I've never heard of before but demand to see more of), a foul-mouthed out of control kid who has single handedly made several other bigger-brothers quit.  

As you might think, all four characters start off with rocky relationships but in the end all gain valuable life lessons from the ordeal, but even with a plot so textbook it works so well.  Director David Wain (who also directed Wet Hot American Summer, which is awesome) did a great job keeping a balanced level of crude/absurd humor with a healthy mix of strong plot that doesn't take away from the jokes, and vice versa.  

Performance wise is spot on; I've spent enough time praise-blowing Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd, so lets move on to the rest.  Christopher Mintz-Plasse was pretty much the perfect actor to be casted for Augie, while Bobb'e J. Thompson did something on screen that made me very impressed " be a child actor who was actually funny without doing what child actors normally do, which is act poorly and piss me off.  The only slight performance let down was Jane Lynch (The 40 Year Old Virgin) as the founder of Sturdy Wings.  When we first meet her character all her lines will make you crack up, but by the end of the movie and she's still repeating the same jokes over and over it gets a little tiring.  

The Bottom Line:
Like comedies?  See this movie.  This is one of those movies that is really just good enough to be recommended to anyone who has ever laughed at all.  Is it award-winning comedy?  Don't expect it to win any Oscars, but years from now when it's playing late night on TBS you can pretty much guarantee it'll be something you'll want to mellow out and watch.  

Great directing and hilarious performances from the cast set this at a strong B Plus
Plot is a little predictable, but there's no question that I would see this again in theatres.  

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