The Stupid Question Hall of Fame is back again, ready to embarrass the kids who cheapen your degree. Remember the rules – If you send in the absolute stupidest, you get a free BustedTee. Read all five and cast your vote. And, if you heard something stupid in class this week, send it to me at

The Nominees
  • A) MaristSubmitted by Justin

    Presenter: So the mystic healer, Rasputin, was poisoned, shot, beaten, and thrown in the river by the Bolsheviks.
    Genius: Wait, couldn't he just, like, heal himself?
    Presenter: I think . . . he wasn't actually magic.

  • B) University of ConnecticutSubmitted by Alex

    While discussing the legitimacy of graphic novels are works of literature…
    Professor: Some famous graphic novels, like Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, are widely accepted as pieces of literature.
    Shakespeare: Graphic novels are just really violent books, right?

  • C) Too Embarrased to saySubmitted by Aldo

    We were watching a video about the Election of 1804 between Jefferson and Pinckney.The professor turned it off because it was time to go.

    The Brilliance: Wait, how am I supposed to know who won?

  • D) n/aSubmitted by Joe

    Valedictorian: Excuse me, professor, what does torf mean?
    Professor: It's not torf….it's 't or f,' as in true or false.

  • E) Northern IllinoisSubmitted by William

    When showing a picture of serial killer John Wayne Gacy…
    Einstein Jr.: Hey, is that a real clown or just someone dressed up like a clown?


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