It's my favorite time of the week, it's time for the Weekly WYR. See if you're brave enough to choose a side in what surely are the universe's most difficult quagmires. And remember, if you've got a great WYR, submit it at the bottom of this or any WYR article.

Would You Rather…

  • Only be able to move by moonwalking, or only be able to move by C-walking? From Beepus
  • Get caught reading fan-fiction, or Get caught writing fan-fiction? From Joel
  • Fight a normal bear, or fight a robot bear that's trained to kill you, but you get to have a gun? From Gil
  • Have Obama be president, or still have Heath Ledger alive to reprise his role as the Joker in the next Batman film? From Zack
  • Summon cheese anytime into your hand, or ripen fruit just by touching it? From matteo
  • Become a Pokemon trainer, or be admitted to Hogwarts? From Carr

Finally, this week's winner of the I Read Them All Award is Corey, who sent in this.

  • Do you purposely skip and not publish my WYRs or do you not read all of them? From Corey

Every single one. FYI people "Watch a porno with your parents or starring your parents" is never going to be put on here.

If you have a good WYR, submit it here.
Check back every Friday to see if yours made the cut.