Do your parents notunderstandtechnology? Do theyask you stupid questions? Do they sendyou absurdtext messages? Do theyuse words like "MyFace," "SpaceBook,"or "TheWorld Wide Web?"

If you've got an example of your Parents Just Don't Understanding, submit it here!
And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

My dad bought a Wii just a while before Thanksgiving. A few days later my mom asked my brother if he was going to be playing with his "wii-wii" for the next few hours. He really didn't know whether to correct her or to be mortified.
Danita H, James Madison University

My mom thinks that she can't play dvds on her laptop unless it's plugged in. In response, I told her I was submitting her stupidity to CollegeHumor. She offered me a ride to "the college humor building."
danny simple

My grandma came over for Thanksgiving and asked where the TV guide was.
Tom Briccetti

I still haven't been able to talk my parents out of their belief that EVERY website on the internet is run by user editing like Wikipedia.
Los Wobbles, Northern Illinois

My grandma wanted to see a picture of my hair cut so I decided to send a picture message to her cell phone. I figured I could call her on her house phone and walk her through how to open the picture on her cell phone. She pressed something wrong and began connecting to the ringtone store, and I told her to press the red "end call" button to stop it from connecting. She said, "But I can't, that will make me hang up on you!"
Erica ., Arizona State

My great grandma served during WWII. I saw her over Thanksgiving and showed her our new GPS unit, she got really nervous and asked if the Germans have the same technology.
Jean M.

My grandfather was watching me play xbox and asked us "How long can you play before you have to put in another quarter?"
Billy Conklyn, William Paterson University

My mother created a Facebook account last month, and my brother taught her to use it. He even uploaded a profile photo for her. Now she is absolutely sure she is sharing that photo on Youtube.
Alvaro Arze, UCB, Bolivia

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