Ethan: Are you also a little disappointed that you haven't seen commercials for this week's games that start with, "From the people who brought you the BCS…it's the Big 12 Championship Game!" Putting things in the BCS's hands is like hiring the producers of Operation Dumbo Drop to win you an Oscar.

Amir: Oklahoma/Missouri is the game everybody wants to see. Everybody in Missouri at least. Herm Edwards is already glued to his TV!

Ethan: Do you think there's any way Texas dodges a bullet here? In all likelihood, Oklahoma pounds Missouri, but Missouri is also a very good team. (Loss to Kansas notwithstanding.)

Amir: Not gonna happen. Oklahoma didn't make it this far just to blow it. Here's my question, if Alabama loses a close one to Florida… are they still the best one loss team? And if so, would we see a rematch?!

Ethan: No rematch, but Alabama's incredibly good. They were so much better than Auburn that the Iron Bowl started to get boring in the second quarter. Plus, "John Parker Wilson" is a name that means you're destined to be the successful QB at Bama. It's like the exact opposite of "Freddie Kitchens." Why is no one giving Bama a chance against Florida?

Amir: Two words: No Idea. Wait, I mean, Tim Tebow. Alabama's strength of schedule is also 94th. Face it, they're the Ball State of the SEC and you know it.

Ethan: It's not Bama's fault. They tried to play a hard schedule; they had no way of knowing that road games at Clemson, Arkansas, Georgia, and LSU wouldn't be so impressive at the end of the year. Do you think that somewhere in the country there's a person, be it a fan, coach, or player, who thinks the BCS is a great idea and fully supports it?

Amir: Bob Stoops? Does he live in the country? Maybe player's parents who realize the season isn't as important as "education." What a bunch of idiots! You can learn AFTER you graduate!

Ethan: "Look, Mom, it's not like my kinesiology textbooks are going anywhere during an 8-team playoff! Then I can get back to what's important: my bachelors in recreation management." You getting pretty excited for tomorrow night's NFL game? Chargers-Raiders. If you combine their rosters and records, there's a 7-win team in this game!

Amir: Please tell me you're not going to be watching that game in 2D like some sort of 20th century sucker.

Ethan: Watching the Chargers' O-line in 3D is too terrifying a prospect for me. I don't want five defenders running unblocked into my living room.

Amir: Why do you think the Chargers and Jaguars, both Superbowl contenders in August are a combined 8 – 16? My guess: It's because they're both 4-8.

Ethan: Uh, the Jaguars are easier to figure out. Who thought David Garrard was going to be nearly interception-free again this year? Also, how can the players be expected to perform when they're busy cracking up about Jack Del Rio's leather-jacket-and-tie combo on the sidelines? He looks like the world's meatiest BMW salesman.

Amir: "What can I do, to get you into a more efficient offense, today?"

Ethan: And the Charges, I have no idea. Their offensive line can't run block at all, and they got unlucky in that Denver game. Plus, I don't want to go too far out on this limb, but Norv Turner…he might not be a good coach. You watching the ACC-Big 10 "Challenge?" It's finally close this year!

Amir: I saw Wisconsin's buzzer beater against Virginia Tech. It made me realize how little memories I have of college basketball before March. However this is truly going to be a December to remember. If the car commercials I've been watching are true.

Ethan: There are some good games this December. Texas is going to play UCLA and at Villanova in the next week. Let's see the BCS screw them now!

Amir: Don't tempt them. They have their eyes on the NBA Playoff system…

Ethan: Has the NBA not been renamed "The Derrick Rose League" yet?

Amir: That guy makes that hack Chris Paul look like that bigger hack Deron Williams. He's so good he makes the Bulls look… mediocre. Teasing .500 at 8 and 10 baby!

Ethan: I can't wait for Rose's season-end highlight tape. Nothing but layups. He just sort of casually blows by everyone. The Bulls haven't had a rookie this exciting since Keith Booth in 1998!

Amir: Fizer and Mihm in the first seven picks of the 2000 draft is pretty good!

Ethan: Got an interesting fact?

Amir: If Derrick Rose becomes an All-Star, and the nation of China is already behind him so it's a foregone conclusion, he'll be the first one since that other guy I already forgot about because Derrick Rose is that good (Michael Jordan) in 1998.

Ethan: Wow, really? No one since Jordan? I wasted so much time sending in write-in ballots with Dickey Simpkins' name on them.

Amir: Pete Meyers or bust for me!

Ethan: Until next week, get excited to complain about the BCS!

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