"It's the most wonderful time of the year," but before you can go home to enjoy the awkward "college hoodie parties," you have to first use your incredible study skills (adderall) and gear up for those Finals.                      

So maybe you are a freshman this year and you're thinking to yourself, "This can't be too bad." You may even have been studying for the past two weeks seeing as you probably have no social life yet anyway… A lot needs to be done to prepare for this week children, because along with the study time comes a time for joy known as "Tacky Sweater Parties." Now everyone loves a good sweater party, but sometimes people over do them just a little too much.

For example: Peppermint Patty shots at the door = Good Idea, Alcoholic Egg Nog Pong = Not so good of an idea.

Christmas Songs are also found to be distracting during the week leading up to Christmas Break. One other thing on a side note, does anyone have that one professor who constantly is Politically Correct and calls it "Holiday" Break? God forbid anyone offend the Jewish kids out there, haven't they suffered enough already with the horrible jokes about Dradles and horrible covers of Adam Sandler's classic Hanukkah Song? Anyway, back to the music. I love me a good "oh Christmas tree" but when I call someone and it is their ring back tone, and it is also the song playing when you are on hold, and its ALSO on in the doctors office (because everyone gets sick right before finals so that's why you're there) I mean enough already. "Ho ho ho, who wouldn't GO F*&% YOURSELF!" Gotta love that holiday spirit, right?

On top of the studying and parties, you also need to find gifts for your siblings and friends back at home. Don't worry about this one too much because your school bookstore should have something for everyone. A little sister who likes the color Pink? Buy her a Hoodie! An older brother who likes football? Get him a Hoodie! Grandma and Grandpa are coming to town? Get them matching Hoodies! Does it matter that no one will ever wear them? No, because you are going to be too busy playing your new x-box 360 games that they got for you.

Finally, the most important thing to remember before going on break is to keep reading Collegehumor religiously. Procrastination really is the key to studying for finals. By the way, Happy "Holidays."