I grew up in Cincinnati and spent my childhood enoying the comforts of modern living. Air conditioning, T.V, Microwaves (How could I live without your pity?) and eventually the internet, I can't even think about what life would be like without it.

Now imagine if you had none of them, no electrical devices. I got a test run at it.

While spending the summer (..And Winter/Fall) at my parents, a nasty wind storm came raging through our little city and devastated the power electrical wires. It left most of the city powerless for a week, both literally and figuratively.

Hours after the storm came through I awoke in complete darkness (No, not like emo dark heart cut myself and cry. It was literally pitch black) I leaned over from my make shift bed ..also known as a couch..and began the cycle I had so willingly performed over the past few weeks

Turn on laptop
Open browser
Get lunch
Go back to laptop
Loop cycle

This time something had gone awry, the laptop was working but the internet, oh sweet god above, the internet was down. I scanned the room in confusion, mostly due to the lack of light but I also work at 10% brain power in the mornings. I stumbled towards my cell phone, it was dead. "what is going on?" was my first quote of the day, as it inched slowly to number one on the top ten most common phrases used by Ryan Elkins list.
I made my way upstairs only to find I was lost in a world unknown. The sky outside was bright and clear of obstruction but trees were getting dominated by wind from the gods! Still in a daze, I had only one rational explanation. "OH FUCK, END OF DAYS". Limbs were crashing to the ground, heavy items were taking a quick ride in and out of my line of sight and I felt like I was in a wind tunnel. I sprinted back downstairs while trying to get my phone charged up for one quick call, fruitless. Somehow this phone manages to play a start up animation and catchy jingle but it won't let me squeeze out one fucking call. I continued searching for a way to communicate, I inspected my room and hurried back upstairs to check the house phone, disconnected! "Really? Am I really going to die alone in long johns and a shirt with nothing but a picture of a horse on it? (don't ask). I mean all things considered, god or no god, I'm fairly positive dying alone is one horribly depressing experience. My last hope was the spare bedroom, I pushed myself through the house, chaos raging outside the walls and there it was…. my brother's old phone. My mind went into auto pilot and hastily entered some digits.
1 ring……
2 rings…..
3 rings….
4 rings……"Hello?"
"Drew, What the fuck is going on man!?" I said with sincerity knowing this could be my bitter end. "oh hey man, yea it's pretty windy, aftermath of some hurricane, it'll blow over soon" Drew said with the most monotone approach to the situation. Well, so much for end of days, I hung up the phone and realized I needed to lay off the sci fi channel.

The catastrophe was diverted but reality sank in and two things came to mind –
what am I going to do today seeing as I despise nature and when do I get my electric back? Those fucks!
I started calculating ETA's and convincing myself that in a modern society, we should never lose power or anything vital to the way we live, how dare they not have telephone lines made of… something…like…really….strong… yea! Something really strong! Moments later amidst my impressive assault on the reliability of the whole system, it hit me like a wind storm. (points for play on situation) It's almost silly how fragile we are. Let me preface by saying I'm no fool, I know how easy it is to lose all the comforts in our lives by a little loss of power but I never thought about it until it gave me a little taste.

Society as we know it still conforms to the rules of the universe and if he has anything to say about it, chaos will prevail. He, the universe, sent me his diabolical plans for chaos and destruction via mind power (owe you one for the heads up) and I learned something from it after suffering a horrible withdraw from the internetz (you still my number one girl.. boy? … inanimate object that I would make gentle love to, remember that).
I learned that we spend too much time looking inside, be it vanity, greed, tv or even yes..the internet. I almost forgot about everything else and when I finally did look outside, I noticed that those weird things that were tossing limbs all around, turns out people call them trees, they were actually kind of beautiful. I noticed that a long winded conversation with a family member is rewarding regardless of their backwards ideologies (love you mom). I noticed life slows down and you get to say things like wow! It's only 4pm? Bottom line – Life is fragile and our systems, life styles, whatever you call it…are all momentary at best. We should live in the now modestly and enjoy the little things in life before we get too bogged down by stuff that doesn't really matter. Heed my advice and don't blow your chance. (I'm awesome at this)