[picture:1800211|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=#20 Wait a second! If his hands are up, who is driving!?]

[picture:1799547|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=#19 I want you to know that even though we're breaking up it has nothing to do with you guys. I still love you guys.]

[picture:1829401|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=#18 Smoothest picture commenter ever.]

[picture:1805418|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=#17 "wat"]

[picture:1811817|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=#16 Whatever you do ladies, do not let go.]

[picture:1817289|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=#15 I'll take, I dunno, a million?]

[picture:1819037|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=#13 This is that little girl's second birthday party. Imagine how sick her third birthday is going to be.]

[picture:1797654|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=#12 "Had a pirates vs ninjas kegger. This is the aftermath."]

[picture:1798237|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=#11 One of the easiest games of "Which one of these is not like the others?" you will ever play.]

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