Enter Swine Flu, Avian Bird Flu

Swine Flu: Hey man, I'm really hoping to try to become an epidemic in the near future do you have any advice for me?

Avian Bird Flu:
Well, it didn't really work out for me but I'll give you a few tips and maybe you'll have better luck.

Swine Flu:
Thanks, I appreciate any help I can get.

Avian Bird Flu:
I'd say try to get to the low income areas, the poorer the better. Stay away from contries with solid governmental disease control. Poor hygenic practices are a must. I went the Asia route myself but don't shy away from…

Sup faggots

Swine Flu: Cancer, please leave. Nobody likes you.

562,340 deaths this year say otherwise…

Avian Bird Flu:
Look I know you're not an infectious disease but I was just in the middle of trying to help Swine Flu become an epidemic. Maybe you can be helpful and give him some advice.

Cancer: Here's some advice for you. Suck my malignant nuts!!!

Avian Bird Flu:
People used to be scared of me too you know.

Cancer: Oh no! It's a pandemic! Run for your lives!!!!

Avian Bird Flu: Shut up already

Cancer: No, you shut up

Swine Flu:
No, you shut up

Bubonic Plague: No, you shut the fuck up.

Swine Flu and Avian Bird Flu bow to the ground. Cancer gives bubonic plague the finger.

Bubonic Plague: 50% kill rate within 7 days; 200 million total kills; munch on my puss filled nuts, Cancer.

Cancer: You're a has been.

Enter AIDS

AIDS: Black Death and I are going to chill at my place later. Cancer, you can come too if you stop being a homo. Influenzas are not invited. It's BYOB.

All Exit

Enter Sniffles

Sniffles: You guys?    Is anyone there?       Hello?