This is an original novel to be I wrote in 4th grade about the planets that I found in my basement. Not one word has been changed. 

The Sun:
The sun is the hottest and biggest star in our solar system. Seriously it's real big. It's hotter than the all the planets put together. It also has spots. They are also hot. The sun is boring.

Mercury: Mercury has no air and no water. It has a pretty big crater, almost as big as our school. It is also the fastest of the planets because it travels at 30 miles per second. I heard the only thing as fast as Mercury is the immortal Dale Earnhardt.

Venus: This is the second planet away from the sun. On Venus there are poisonous clouds that are made of sulfuric acid. Venus has air that is 90 times heavier than earths air. Venus is fat.

Earth: Earth is the only planet with living things on it. My mom says anyone who thinks other stuff are Communists. We have one moon. It is 149.6 km away from the sun. I think km stands for kill muskrats.

Mars: This planet has 2 moons. There are no rings near it either. The asteroid belt is near Mars. I wonder if they are friends. I wouldn't be. Birds probably don't like asteroids. Mars is red.

Jupiter: Jupiter has 16 moons. That is a lot. There is no air and land. Jupiter does not make sense. A year on Jupiter is equal to 12 earth years. That is how old my brother is. I wish he lived on Jupiter.

Saturn: Saturn has many rings. It has at least 17 moons. They don't know if there are more, maybe their eyes are broke. It is 120,660 kill muskrats across.

Uranus: This is the 7th planet from the sun. It is very cold, and I mean cold. My friends say it has a weird name, but I don't know what they mean. Something about poop. hehe…poop.

Pluto: Pluto has 1 moon. A day on Pluto is 6 earth days long. In the day time it is really cold. You would be solid ice on Pluto. Don't ask me to go to Pluto.

About the Author: My name is Ryan. I am going to be 9 in a week. I like soccer and basketball. I am a very peaceful person. I have not to many friends. When I grow up I want to have a lady who plays basketball with me. I'm gonna draw a basketball now.