Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

I go to school a half an hour away from where I live and I commute daily. My mother called me tonight and told me I should write down some numbers of her friends who live near my school in case I have car trouble so that they can help me. She told me this because she didn't think my cell phone could reach across the distance from home to school.
Kelly Harer, Lock Haven University

My dad was heading out of town for a couple weeks, but wanted a digitalcopy of his resume while he was gone. While I was sending his resume tohis e-mail, he asked me, "Can you send me a blank sheet of paper so Ican add stuff to it?"
Devin Patten, GVSU

My mom thinks she is downloading music when she copies Youtube links onto her desktop.
Tyson Halmrast, Medicine Hat College

My siblings and I got our grandma to play Wii tennis with us. She swung like mad on the menu screen, thinking it was the game and saying "I can't SEE the ball!." Then she swung on every re-play during the game, thinking she was still playing. She also "threw the ball up" with her left hand and hit it with her right while serving.
Taylor Purdy, University of Windsor

I was helping my mom set up her Facebook account. While filling in her profile, we got to the 'Interested In' part she put that she is interested in women, because she is happily married. I let her do it because I thought it was funny.
Bj Enzweiler, Bradley

My grandparents have the numbers for tech support written in black marker on the edge of their monitor.
Harry Effron, Columbia

This summer when the satellite TV at home stopped working, my mom decided to blame the most logical thing, the X Box 360. Her reason was me playing over the Internet was somehow screwing with her signal. When I told her that I play with an ethernet cable and not wireless, she just told me to unhook it. I called tech help for Microsoft and Dish Network, both of them laughed when I told them my predicament, and they said they couldn't call my mom to tell her she was being ridiculous. I was able to convince her that I could play in the adjacent room without any problems, but I wasn't going to bring up that if something about the Internet was messing it up, it would from that room too. The repairman came and fixed the satellite, and I could continue playing in a different room. The TV hasn't broken since, because my mom insists I unhooked the X Box from it.
Matt Brands, Georgetown

I got a Northface jacket for Christmas and now every time I leave the house without it on my mom says, "Why aren't you wearing your Facebook?"
J.P. Caparco, Rhode Island College

My buddy's mom posted the following on his Facebook wall:Hi Kevo. I talked to Karlin and the blood tests showed everything to be fine so far. She said do the stool sample when you are back in town. In the meantime if the problem persists, she said to get something called "TU Zen", a probiotic, that naturally gets your system regulated. See you tomorrow!!! Can't wait!
B. Aristotle, Queen's University

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