Hey guys! CHTV, the people who "multiple times every week, deliver fresh, TV-quality comedy directly to your face" need a few more Production Interns for the Spring semester to help us make the movies you see here every day.

Here's what we want from a Production Intern:

  • Previous production experience
  • Enrolled in a related major or coursework
  • Extremely reliable and great work ethic
  • Ability to receive college credit
  • Willingness to learn and work with a team
  • Residence in, or within commuting distance of NYC (Manhattan)
  • Coolness 

Here's what you'll get to do:
  • Be involved in the pre-production and production of all videos
  • Help out in the office and on set
  • Be a crucial part of a small team where every member counts
  • Everything from scouting locations to finding a last-minute piece of fake dog poo

All you need to do is send a polite cover letter and resume to chtvinterns@gmail.com.