Returning after two-month's rest in Dover.

I got my dog from an orphanage like, twelve years ago. Those orphans STILL hold a grudge.
-Amir Blumenfeld
The Invention of the Flame-thrower
At some point in time someone must have though I really want to light that guy on fire, but I can't reach him.
-Jenae S.
When you're fat, every shirt is a sweat-shirt.
-Glen O'Brien
I tried to do what Jesus would do,
but it's harder to start a cult then you would think.
-Darius Miles
Wait. Thats actually true.
If you've seen one fractal, you've seen them all.
-Mike W
Kevin Spacey Movies That Have Odd Titles
-Ryan Trott
I started dating a new girl and my friend keeps asking me if we've "done it" yet. I told him that all depends on what his definition of "fingering" is.
-Adam Newman
If the Swiss army is always neutral, why are their knives so sweet?
-Mike G