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The reason you were sick the next day was because we stopped putting Jager in your Jager-bombs. It was more like soy-sauce-bombs for you, you selfish douchebag. Maybe this time you'll stop hogging my Xbox.
Logan Lane, Texas Tech

Freshman year there was this complete tool who lived down the hall, who no one liked. He's the guy who would always throw up the 'Shocker' in every picture he ever freakin tool. Total douche. Anyways, I saw a guy on YouTube who wanted people to call him for whatever reason and I got a brilliant idea. I went to the most viewed video on YouTube and posted a comment telling people to call (the kids number) for certain sexual services. The next day he came in to our room complaining of receiving 30 calls that night with some rather crude requests. I still periodically post his number too.
Brock, Colorado State

This story only happened because we're studying overseas for the year. I'm in a room with three other guys, and one night three of us go out one Friday night (the fourth guy wasn't there) and we get a little too drunk. So later that night, we're all chilling in our rooms. After a while, I realize that the guy in the bunk above me is hooking up with this girl, so I get up and leave the room. When I come back 10 minutes later, they're up, the lights are on, and it's because the guy on the other top bunk, who is in fact the RA, puked everywhere in his sleep. From the top bunk. After nursing him back to (relative) health and cleaning up the mess, we all go back to sleep. Everything's fine until our fourth roommate comes back on Sunday and says, "What's this on my laptop?" Without making eye contact with each other, we all play dumb, and just tell him that whatever it is he should probably clean it off. I'm here to confess: That was vomit on your laptop. Sorry.
Tom, School Not Given

A few weeks back, my incredibly vengeful ex-girlfriend attempted to sabotage my current relationship by spreading lies about how I cheated on her with my ex. There were several things she wasn't counting on:1) Knowledge from my current girlfriend that my ex was full of shit 2) My roommate was majoring in graphic art, and knew photoshop quite well 3) I knew her password to FaceBookSo about a week and hundreds of porn sites later, we crafted a very beautiful, "homemade" photo of her with random guys. Then, we sent the pictures to her current boyfriend from her FaceBook account, with an apology note saying how sorry she was after "a wild party", and that she'd "rather he hear it from her". They broke up shortly after, and she became known as the "slut around campus"One final confession: Don't let your parents on FaceBook. Because they got quite an interesting message as well
Mason Scheer, University of Texas

While I was staying at my dorm during the first year of college, I had a complete douchemus maximus roommate. He would be in a perpetual stupor all day from ingesting copious amount of alcohol and would constantly eat all of my food without asking. He also had a complete bitch of a girlfriend who would be in the room 24/7 and I wouldn't get a moment's peace. So just to show my roommate how much I thought of him, one night while he was out drinking I decided to take seran wrap and cover the toilet, underneath the seat. My roommate came in the door late one night, completely trashed and apparently had the beer shits. He ran immediately to the toilet and slammed the door. Moments later, I heard a low groan and I knocked to see what the problem was. After he emerged infuriated, I saw what had happened. The seran wrap had prevented his excrement from going into the toilet; instead, it smashed against his ass and made a complete mess. Luckily that was right before finals week and I never had to see him or his bitch girlfriend again.
Sean S, NYU

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