Have you ever had an awkward sexual experience? What about one that was so bizarre you got the urge to text friends during the horizontal tango and dish about it? Here are some sure fire phrases to alienate your sexual partner.
Thursday 13
Things Not To Say Before Sex

1 – This is my first consensual time

2 – Who wants to get pregnant?

3 – I'm so sorry for what's about to happen

4 – This is going to be the best 7 minutes of your life

5 – I'll make this quick and painless

6 – You're prettier than my cousin

7 – Please don't tell my spouse about this

8 – The doctor says that rash isn't contagious

9 – On second thought, let's turn the lights out

10 – I bet you can't even tell that I was a man two years ago

11 – Just keep it down; my mom is a light sleeper

12 – Your sister was more into foreplay than you are

13 – I think we should have a "talk"