Brenda: Gosh Trent, are you sure it's ok to make out like this in the fancy and expensive sports car that you borrowed from your dad without telling him?
Trent: Relax, baby, he's gone for the weekend. Plus, we're parked on the railroad tracks, and no other cars ever drive on the railroad tracks, so there's, like, no way we can get in an accident.
Brenda: Oh, I guess you're right. Sigh, you always seem to have a way of making me feel better. I guess that's why I don't mind doing this to you…
Trent: Whoa! Where did you learn that? Wow, as the daughter of the local preacher, I always assumed you would share his conservative beliefs on sex. I never would have dreamed that his strict upbringing of you would have wound up instilling you with such rebellious and wild beliefs on the subject that run so contrary to his own.
Brenda: That's probably because I've acted so nice and sweet around you ever since we became best friends in fourth grade. It wasn't until you confessed your true feelings for me on that beautiful windswept beach the night of our graduation that I was inspired to dump my attractive football player boyfriend, who turned out to be a jerk that had been cheating on me, and recognize that your years of selfless and kind friendship were actually what I had been looking for in a boyfriend all along.
Trent: Of course, I remember that night. Then we had our first and most passionate kiss to Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."
Brenda: Hey, did we ever figure out where that music came from? Or why it was so easy to find a beach in our normally landlocked state of Kansas?
Trent: I don't think so. But I don't care. Brenda, I love you, and I think we're ready to go all the way.
Brenda: Oh, Trent, I love you too. Let's do it.
Kevin: Not so fast.
Trent: Kevin! What's a moody outsider who just moved into town a few weeks ago and whose ideas concerning music, fashion and society don't fit in with the dominant ones in our traditional small town like you doing here?
Kevin: I'm here to claim what's mine. Brenda, you're the only one in this whole town that understands me. I know that my appreciation of conventionally countercultural items such as leather jackets, cigarettes and The Ramones causes many of the comically narrow-minded people in this town to write me off as a surly rebel, but ever since you saw me taking care of that rabbit that your attractive jerk of an ex-boyfriend hit with his car, leading to a deep conversation between the two of us in which I opened up about how I only act so distant on the surface due to the pain my mother's early death has caused me, I've known we were meant to be together.
Brenda: Well, we did share that passionate first kiss on the windswept beach together the night of senior prom while Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" was playing…
Trent: Brenda, no! Listen, you're just going to have to make a choice. Do you want to be with me, your best friend since fourth grade who was always there for you but who only recently had the courage to admit his true feelings?
Kevin: Or do you want to be with me, the misunderstood new kid in town with a heart of gold lying just underneath his hard exterior that only you know how to reach?
Brenda: Oh, I…I don't know! How am I supposed to choose?
(A train whistle goes off in the distance)
Trent: Oh, crap. I think I just remembered why no other cars ever drive on the railroad tracks.
(A train hits Trent's dad's car, killing Trent, Brenda and Kevin instantly. At the funeral, Kevin's dad, who had criticized and practice tough love with Kevin throughout his entire life, sheds a quiet tear for the first time)