Pop quiz: what's the worst part about getting drunk? If you answered 'puking into your beer and continuing to drink it,' you're right, but you're also disgusting. Get out of my sight. The correct, not repulsive answer is the morning after.

Lucky for you, we've created two flash games that give you all the fun of drinking without the whole waking-up-in-your-own-pee side effects. Drunk Walk tests your balance, while Beer Pong tests your shaming abilities. Kidding, obviously it tests your Beer Pong skills. Shaming is no laughing matter*.

Click here to see how good of a non-drunk drunk you are. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd best faux-drunks in each contest will win $250, $100 and a Busted Tee respectively. Brought to you by College (what else?), on DVD January 27.

*too hard of a game to create