(Note: Some of the following words may be from a previous update)

Some of you… ok most of you may not want to admit it, but when it comes to men, you're completely clueless.  I'll tell you one thing however; the first step to figuring us out is by figuring out how our bodies work.  I'll start with the basics:

Sounds complicated doesn't it? Well guess what ladies? It's not. Let me put it for you in a way you can understand. The penis is much like a cute little puppy.

Just pet him, and he'll be happy. 

No, seriously, just touch it. Please? C'mon, it won't be that bad. No one will call you a slut, I promise. Please just touch it. Seriously, I'll give you $5. All you have to do is touch it for 30 seconds. No? Are you sure? Fine, I'll be in the shower. Yes, AGAIN!