Hákarl – Hey, it's the sound you make when you vomit up your digestive tract after trying to eat it! Also, it is the "single worst thing" Anthony Bourdain has ever eaten. Even the guy who thinks old pond scum served with donkey testicles is fine cuisine hates it.

Nazi Occultism – Ya know, if Indiana Jones hadn't intervened, Hitler would have gotten his face melted off by the Ark of the Covenant. Or would have had to live in a cave with a senile old knight for all eternity. Basically, Indiana Jones is responsible for World War II.

Project Star Gate – It's like Project Runway, except the winner gets to become Kurt Russell. Okay, that's not true at all.

List of Serial Killers (By Country)USA #1!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!

The Coral Castle – One guy made a castle in Florida using nothing but some elbow-grease and the power of his own imagination. That man's name was Walt Disney…but this guy did something kinda similar too, only he forgot to become an allegory for greed, commercialization, and manipulating children to screw their parents out of money.

Stanislav Petrov – Sometimes it scares me how close the world came to ending during the Cold War. Mainly because then I would've never gotten a chance to finish all of the Harry Potter books.