Hey guys and gals, Hate Fest here. As you may or may not know, I am possibly the most agitated person who reads this site. There's not much in this world that doesn't piss me off, but above all else, my experiences with the women in my life are what have left me the most bitter, empty, and dead inside. Out of pure anger, ‰'ve researched and studied womens behavior in today's society and compiled a list of things the women around me do that make me want to become a postal worker and waste the whole office:

1. Girls who put "dancing", or "going out", or hanging with friends as their main interests on facebook. "Going out?" what are you a fucking dog?┬╝/div>

2. Girls who have acronyms for their groups of friends. Such as S.K.A.B. (shirley, kate, allison and becky woo!!). Shoot me in my face with a paintball gun till I die from bruising or paint fumes please.

3. Girls who think they are being healthy by ordering a salad in the caf, then topping it with chicken fingers. Honestly, your concept of healthy eating is reason enough to cancel all high school health classes and replacing them cooking classes so at the very least these broads can get themselves a man who can benefit from their horrid eating patterns.

4. Girls that say that they aren't religious, but they are very "spiritual". I'd like to stab them through the heart with a cross.

5. Girls that edit their pictures in Microsoft Paint to write messages like "I get by with a little help from my friends"You girls are the loves of my life, a guy is happy to come in 6th". It's ┬░retty great that a friendship can be so strong that theres no way to express it than by spooging fucking nonsense accross pictures of you and your friends. It's too bad you'll all talk shit about each other and fuck the same people over the next four years.

There's more, but I'm too pissed to continue writing this. More to come soon if I don't burst a vessel in my brain.