A prop bet is a bet placed on "alternative" outcomes in sports. Rather than betting on scores and winners you can bet on things like the over/under on the length of the National Anthem (currently at 1:54) or the amount of times "Big Ben" will be said by John Madden (currently at 8).

I have come up with some other prop bets that I haven't found on any gambling websites and have entered my own betting lines. I'm currently taking all bets.

  • Players arrested before the game. (o/u 1.5)
  • Players arrested during the game. (o/u 2)
  • No one brings a ball. Game cancelled. (+190)
  • Larry Fitzgerald's hair gets caught in a giant sideline fan. (+125)
  • Larry Fitzgerald catches a TD dragging a fan. (+500)
  • A fan catches a TD dragging Larry Fitzgerald dragging a fan. (+1500)
  • Air Bud rushing yards. (o/u 20)
  • Air Bud dies in the first half. (+125) In the second half. (pick 'em)
  • Whoopie Goldberg's ticket number is called on the PA system. She is asked to come onto the field, much like Eddie, where she is promptly stoned to death, much like The Lottery. (-125)
  • Combining two great halftime traditions, ESPN airs the "Puppies in Lingerie" bowl. (+250)
  • Total ref farts. (o/u 12)*
  • Total onfield farts. (o/u 180)*
  • Arizona starts real cardinals in tiny, adorable football jerseys. And they win!  (+150) And they lose. (-10,000)
  • Kurt Warner thanks Satan for the win. (+290)
  • Satan thanks Kurt Warner for the lovely card he sent last Christmas. (+350)
  • A good game. (+550)
* Denotes "Honor System"