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1. I like to have a good time

2. I party a lot

3. I drink often

4. when i drink, it makes me violent

5. i hit people when I'm violent

6. I've been to jail for domestic abuse

7. Jail is tough

8. they didn't let me drink in jail

9. I met a guy named Stacy in jail

10. I'm his number 1 'girl'

11. he hits me, KARMA lol

12. I started doing heroin to calm the shaking I get from my drinking problem

13. I'm wildly addicted to heroin

14. I live near a wal-mart

15. by near, I mean outside by the dumpster

16. I own a shopping cart

17. I technically don't own a shopping cart

18. I will totally blow you for heroin

19. don't be such a Debbie downer, i just need 5 dollars man

20. no no, it's not for the heroin, I promise

21. my breath doesn't smell like vodka, that's the dumpster, just give me 10 bucks

22. I didn't mean to hit you, I'm sorry, Don't call the police, DONT DO IT

23. I've stolen a car and driven to a field in the middle of nowhere

24. I've buried a body in a field in the middle of nowhere

25. I'm an animal lover